We, at Brightstar have designed exclusive offers and schemes to help you get the best economic value for your existing devices. The moment you buy a new or used handset from us, you can return your old handset for adjusting its current fair price against the newly purchased handset.

Creating value in remarketing

Customer service comes full circle, so make sure it’s as good in reverse as it is going forwards. We’ll help you monetize the best value of old device using the our global best practices and tools.

Factors such as model obsolescence and high refurbishing costs and managing quality control by using genuine parts can be major challenge for a successful Buy Back and Trade In business. Some of the critical success factors for Brightstar:

  • Identification of the right buy back price based on extensive and continually updated market knowledge and Brightstar’s in-house developed statistical and diagnostic tools which determine the condition and fair value of buy back device.
  • Transparency and consistency across all channels in terms of price ? your own words
  • Communicating correct buyback price to the customer and adding a provision of certified refurbished products along with limited warranty to our business partner.
  • The corporate strength to invest in continually improving IT infrastructure and working capital requirements.

Why Brightstar?

Our assured Buy Back and Trade In program is designed in such way that it becomes a win-win situation for our business partners as well as consumers. customers as well as retailers.

What’s the benefit to channel partner ?

Channel Partners
Transparency regarding price and margins
Algorithm-based price determination
Enterprise partners Can exchange old devices for purchase of new phone increasing sales volume.
Hassles-free, app/diagnostic tool or device based buyback
Higher margins as buyback price considered as discount to customer creating affordability for consumer

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