About Brightstar SecureWall

Secure your business network against modern threats with an all-in-one professional network security solution.
Get SonicWall’s comprehensive security solutions that integrate security suite, mobile and wireless security,
management and reporting and 24*7 support in one seamless subscription service.

Brightstar SECaaS offers a flexible subscription-based network security solution to suit the needs of every business.

Secure your network with SonicWall

  • High Performance DPI Structure: Avail the benefits of intrusion prevention, anti-malware and app control without slowing your network.
  • Bandwidth Visualization and Control – Use real-time visualization to identify bandwidth-intensive apps and control traffic.
  • No Upfront Investment: No need to purchase. Just need to subscribe.
One Network Solution. Many Benefits.
Easy to Manage:
No IT staff required
Hardware Upgrades:
Long-term flexibility to upgrade equipment
Simplified Expenses:
Fixed monthly fees
Automated Reporting:
Automated weekly network and security reports
Minimal Management:
Manage firewall, services and users with a single console
Turn-key Offering:
Encrypted communications to protect privacy
Launch into the world of seamless video collaboration: