About Brightstar WifiFlex

Simplify your Wi-Fi service with a cloud-based solution to get plug and play functionality. Get cloud managed
wi-fi service to streamline management and reduce dependency on local IT teams.
Brightstar WifiFlex offers flexible wi-fi plans to suit the business needs.

Upgrade to a better Wi-Fi experience

  • Central Management : Manage IP endpoint devices remotely from a central control panel.
  • Pre-integrated : Only need to set up access points; rest is managed by the cloud controller.
  • OPEX model : Subscription based model. Reasonable upfront cost.
Advanced Wi-Fi for modern enterprises
Converged pre-integrated
Central management
with minimum local IT
Supports multiple plans and authentication methods
Plug and play services
Highly flexible &
easy to customize
On-call support
Upgrade to an advanced Wi-Fi system: