Ethics & Compliance

Compliance applies to all of us

Everyone at Brightstar is required to uphold high professional and ethical standards of conduct. Strict adherence to ethical behavior is expected by employees, vendors and customers and is critical to the growth of our organization. Thus, responsibility for compliance, including the duty to seek guidance on how to handle difficult situations, rests with each member of the Brightstar community.

Our corporate values and Code of Conduct & Ethics is the foundation of our internal beliefs and organizational culture.

Ethics and compliance initiatives are provided under the guidance and support of Brightstar’s Ethics & Compliance Department and Committee. These initiatives include resources for employees such as policies, trainings and tools that ensure business is fair, honest and transparent at all levels of our corporation.

We expect our vendors to adhere to business principles consistent with our own Principles of Vendor Conduct.

See the official Brightstar Code of Ethics & Conduct

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